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Exquisitely Marguerite

The most brillliant star in that most brilliant constellation

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In Paris, I was Mademoiselle Marguerite St Just of the Comédie Française; 'Margot' to my friends, 'Petit Maman' to my brother Armand - and popularly, though rather arrogantly, 'La St Just' to everyone else. In my heart, I have not forsaken the celebrity and thrill of my former life, though I move at a calmer, simpler pace in my role as Lady Blakeney: instead of a salon, I have a circle of true friends; bitter experience has tainted my republican fervour, and now the Prince of Wales is a frequent guest at my beautiful Richmond home; I no longer tread the boards of the theatre, but I have not lost the art of masquerade; and now my world revolves around one being, my husband, Sir Percy Blakeney.

This will be a place to store my memories and musings - scribblings, sketches and studies - about my life, my family and my friends.

I remain,

Marguerite Blakeney