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This is my first attempt at writing in first person for The Scarlet Pimpernel - obviously, I chose Margot! Two of my favourite chapters in the original novel are those initial introductory scenes with Marguerite and Sir Percy at the Fisherman's Rest - five chapters in, but worth waiting for! There is so much tension between the Blakeneys, and then the Comtesse de Tournay strikes poor Marguerite when she is down. The only way I could think to add to the story is by viewing everything from the perspective of Lady Blakeney, but I may have miscalculated. Feedback welcome.ArmandCollapse )

Reflections: Marguerite Part Two

We must have arrived. After being woken by a vigorous shaking over the cobblestones, other sounds come slowly to my comprehension as the carriage is finally halted: horses’ hooves on the paved ground, much shouting, and that perpetual thrum of the rain. This, then, is Dover.

DoverCollapse )

Reflections: Marguerite Part Three

A convincing performance begins with a strong entrance; this is the first lesson an actress must learn if she wishes to become a grand dame of the theatre. Bien! My costume is soiled and I have only my new cane as a prop, but one must do what one can with what is to hand. Armand will say that he does not mind how I look, of course, but he would be surprised if I did not present myself well.

At the Fisherman's RestCollapse )

Reflections: Marguerite Part Four

‘How do, Tony? How do, Ffoulkes?’

                No, I do not hate him, and can even bring myself to admire him, when he is absent. But that laugh! How should I be expected to hear that braying every day for the rest of my life and not be driven mad? Or having to reply to that ridiculous Devonshire House drawl that I know is only an affectation, and which makes sensible conversation a Herculean task – am I to retain my celebrated wit with only a fop to practice on?


Sir PercyCollapse )

Reflections: Marguerite Final Part

            “And then?”

FarewellCollapse )

Inner Sanctum

Inner Sanctum


Author’s note: Smutfic! The response to a challenge from a friend to write a scene where Sir Percy and Margot are almost caught in flagrante delicto, hence the PWP? nature of this ‘story’.


            Marguerite heard only the double doors jump in their frames, pushed put and pulled back by a sudden draught in the entrance hall; her mind made the necessary connection between this small disturbance and the return of her husband. She felt as though she had been caught in an illicit act: blood rushed up from the décolletage of her gown to colour her lightly powdered face, her eyes flashed wide towards the doorway, and her heart was pounding so violently that every beat registered upon her breast.

            Hastings was thankfully quick to notice her agitated state: dragging his eyes from her wild beauty, he followed her intent gaze towards the doorway; he had heard nothing, but knew what must have roused her from the torpor of table conversation.

            “Go,” he whispered, lightly touching her gloved arm with the very tips of his fingers. Marguerite’s burning eyes drifted to meet her friend’s kind gaze, and she started up from her chair without thinking; the other guests politely turned to her and began to rise from their seats.

            She flashed a desperate plea to Hastings, seated beside her.

            “I shall handle everything, but go!”

            Smiling warmly at him, and turning a diluted, apologetic expression towards the other six people invited to dine at her grand home, Marguerite dropped her napkin onto her chair before breezing out of the room upon light toes. 

What the butler saw?Collapse )

Script to Screen: In The Opera Box

In The Opera Box

My first attempt at writing a script, inspired by[info]rene_writer's TSP screenplay. Based on my favourite chapter from The Scarlet Pimpernel. Any errors in formatting, terminology and typing are wholly mine.

A word, citoyenneCollapse )

In the Opera Box: Part Two


Either - or - Collapse )


Armand Chauvelin

‘Bruised and alone’

Citizen Armand Chauvelin

London Films 1982
The bile of defeatCollapse )


The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel

One to command, nineteen to obey

The League
The League

London Films 1934

London Films 1937

London Films 1982


'Tis but a humble wayside flowerCollapse )